Early Years (Nursery, LKG and UKG)

The curiosity, enthusiasm and creativity of the children at the Kindergarten is brought to life in a joyful and secure environment. These young learners immerse themselves in a variety of interesting and explorative scholastic tasks where comprehension is also aided through Play.

At the Kindergarten, we focus on developing Cognitive, Socio-Emotional and Language competencies in the children. Kindergarten teachers bring with them the experience and deep understanding of the skills and knowledge that needs to be carefully scaffolded in these formative years. In their daily engagement with the young learners, teachers establish positive relationships that help them to cater to individual needs and interests.

Our strategy for an effective teaching-learning program pivots around a flexible structure that is fluid in accommodating a variety of in-class and outdoor experiences that are designed around children’s needs. These experiences further help build individual confidence in the learners while giving them an ideal platform to participate effectively and build social relationships at school.

Resource Room

Our Kindergarten program envisages learning as a collaborative Endeavour involving students, teachers, and parents actively. Our flexible learning programs incorporate this philosophy by offering opportunities beyond the confines of the conventional classroom in our learning centers.

The Resource room is equipped with a diverse array of learning materials that include Montessori equipment and other contemporary play items that engage children with hands-on learning experiences that aid the development of gross and fine motor skills.

The tiny tots at Kindergarten have ample exposure to learning that is enriched by a customized multimedia experience reinforcing their knowledge of phonics, numeracy, creative thinking, artistry and essential life skills. Children develop the dexterity of working on these self-paced learning modules in a fun-filled and engaging manner.

Activities and Assessment

Our choice of curriculum inherently lends itself to a variety of graded activities that go in tandem with classroom instruction. Teachers work closely with the children providing them with ample space and time to participate and learn from the many activities. Some of the activities also extend beyond the classroom and are performed in the outdoor environment inside the school. We also plan certain activities where children need to work together with their family (parents/grandparents) in completing simple tasks. These tasks/activities are crucial in reinforcing learning while encouraging them to explore beyond the classroom.

We also derive a lot of hands on activities and games that cater to the development of Physical Skills in the children. As a part of the daily routines, teachers include a variety of activities that help build Motor Skills, Spatial Awareness, Pattern Recognition etc.

Our Assessment Plan at the Kindergarten focusses on understanding the depth of understanding of concepts and the extent of skill acquisition in the children. We accomplish this through a series of observations, assessment sheets and an array of while learning tasks that provides vital inputs to alter instruction when needed. We attempt to capture the essence of student learning evident through the activities and assessments in individual learning portfolios.

Learning Partners

We strategically associate with reputed educational partners to provide children with specialized curricula that helps develop aesthetics, health & fitness and builds an appreciation for music & rhythm.

We have partnered with FitKids to provide young children with a premier sports & PE program that integrates academic and wellness concepts while making it fun for all students.

GAIT, is a program that focusses on creative movement education. With a clear focus on the cognitive, physical, emotional and social aspects the learning modules of GAIT explore music and movement in a positive and stimulating environment.

SaPa is a global music program by the renowned violin icon Dr. L.Subramanian. The goal of the program is to use music as a gateway to developing skills like empathy, teamwork, and communication, and harnessing the power of the arts to nurture global citizens. Young children, learn a variety of songs from around the world that are both age appropriate and build awareness about the cultural diversity and richness.